stupidly simple products.

We spend a lot of time outdoors. We got sick over priced natural products that didn't work, and one we did find that worked [wilmas Nordic summer] was £12 a tin and the maker was getting into legal trouble in Scandinavia. So we made our own.

Midge Repel
A smoky smelling mix of medical grade pine tar and essential oils. Tested throughout Scotland and the UK. Effective against Midge, blackfly and no-see-ums.
Applied very sparingly to forehead and affected areas. A little goes a very long way, one tin should last several summers.

Small tin £3.50 postage included.

Large tin £5.00 postage included

For ticks and horsefly the all over protection of bug oil is just what you need. Thoroughly tested on people in environments like Dartmoor and central Scotland.

150ml bottle £ 4.00 plus £2.80 postage. 

Pine tar soap 
Dark brown natural soap reportedly good for psoriasis and repelling insects. Has a slight camp fire in a pine forest smell.

Made with vegetarian base from sustainable palm oil and high grade pine tar.

approximately 120gms for £2.80 with 1.20 p&p


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